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I'm looking into some information for my friend Robin on a situation that's happening with her little sister.

Her little sister is 6 years old and in grade 1, in a regular classroom in Catholic school. She was diagnosed as ("severe") Autism Disorder when she was a toddler, and in the past year, she was able to attend school regularly with an IEP and an EA (Educational Assistant, aka, a one-on-one aid). She got along well with that EA.

Sometime last year, the school was asking for more documentation of her diagnosis, even though the documentation that was provided the previous year was enough for her IEP. The school was needing the further documentation for her IEP, her EA and a special assistitive technology laptop.

The family got documentation from their family doctor and held meetings with the school, which resolved that particular issue.

However, this year, her sister no longer has the EA that she got along with so well, and has a new EA who doesn't seem to be actually helping the sister. She and the EA do not get along, and it has gotten to the point that she does not want to go to school.
The school, now, wants her to go to a different school, because they do not want to provide her with further help to find a different EA.

As it is, Robin's sister was working up to attending school full-time, but now her education plan as been completely disrupted. From what I can see, if the school gets its way, either Robin's sister remains with her dysfunctional EA and descends into meltdown and behavioural problems, or else is forced to start again in a different school, which, as you know, can be traumatic.

Now, the question is, is the school allowed to do this, and what can the family do?

Does anyone with knowledge of Canadian education laws know anything that we can do about this?
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